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摘要: 中考英语每年都考的101个写作话题句型...




1. 究竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。

After all, the kid is too young to go to school.

2. 我来自我国。

I come from China.

3. 我的愿望会完成的。

My dream will come true.

4. 她曩昔靠卖书为生。

She used to earn her living on selling books.

5. 我家离校园不远。

My home isn’t far from the school.

6. 我喜爱去垂钓。

I enjoy going fishing.

7. 我长大后想成为一名教师。

I would like to be a teacher when I grow up.

8. 我每天都过得很愉快。

I have a good time every day.

9. 我乐于和平地日子。

I enjoy living in peace.

10. 我喜爱阅读英语报纸。

I like looking through English newspape文娱弄潮者rs.

11. 我乐于和他人交朋友。

I enjoy making friends with others.

12. 我一点都不喜爱抽烟。

I don’t like smokingat all.

13. 从今以后,我不但要愈加极力学习还要极力获得更好的成果。 From now on, I not only study harder but also try my best to get better grades.

14. 我偶然喜爱去购物。

I like to go shopping now and then.

15. 咱们一做完饭就应该把火灭掉。

We should put out the fire as soon as we finish cooking.

16. 我不喜爱夸耀自己。

I don’t like to show off myself.

17. 我曾经在电脑游戏上花费了许多时刻以致于我在学习上失去了爱好。

I used to spend so much time o容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑n computer games that I lost interest in study.


18. 我曩昔常常访问我的朋友。

I used to call on my friends.

19. 明日我一到美国就给你打电话。

I will call you up as soon as I arrive in America tomorrow.

20. 我很快乐照料我喜爱的人。

I am glad to care for the people who I care for.

21. 在我回家的路上,我碰见了我的老朋友。

I came across my old friend on my way home.

22. 每天直到我回来,我爸爸妈妈才睡觉。

My parents don’t go to bed until I come back every day.

23. 我祝贺你获得很大前进。

I congratulate you on your great progress.

24. 咱们应该互相学习。

We should learn from each other.

25. 传闻你现在过得死神之月牙很愉快,我很快乐。

I am glad to he十分简略的野鸡套ar that you enjoy yourself now.

26. 我惧怕与他共处欠好。

I am afraid to get on badly withhim.

27. 我和我的朋友们玩得很快乐。

I have fun with my friends.

28. 我很快乐收到你的来信。

I am glad to hear from you.

29. 我常常看见他匆匆忙忙的去上学。

I often see him go to school in a hurry.

30. 我很快乐咱们彼此有共同之处。

I am glad that we have something 德宝洗车机in comm李天一案女主角杨佳on with eachother.

31. 我很快乐你能信守诺言。

I am glad that you can keep your word.

32. 我方才撞上了我的老朋友。

I knocked into my old friend just now.

33. 我的爸爸妈妈总是叫我别讪笑他人。

Myparents always tell me not to laug儿童洗澡h at others.

34. 她总是一见到我就做鬼脸。

She always makes a face as soon as she sees me.

35. 他既不喜爱游水也不喜爱跑步。

He likes neither swimming nor running.

36. 我曩昔常挨着他坐。

I used to sit next to him.

37. 他学习不如我极力。

He doesn’tstudy so/ashard as I.

38. 当然,咱们应该与他人和睦共处。

Of course, we should get on well with others.

39. 我奶奶曾经反反复复给我讲过这个故事。

My grandmother used to tell me the story over and over again.


40. 就我所知,北京因它悠长的前史和丰厚的文明而闻名于世。

As far as I know, Beijing is famous for its long history andrich culture.

41. 咱们应该阻挠人们采伐树木。

We should stop people from cutting down trees.

42. 咱们应该极力阻挠动物灭绝。

We should do our best to stop animals from dying out.

43. 每天做清扫很凯蒂芬必要。

It’s necessary to do some cleaning every day.

44. 这儿有许多可做的,例如,你能够协助清扫洁净城市公园。

There is much to do here, for example, you can help clean up the city parks.

45. 总归,保护环境对咱们来说很重要。

In a word, it’s very important for us to protect the environment.

46. 为什么不尽早解救在风险中的动物呢?

Why not save the animal in danger as early as possible?

47. 我以为收回废纸替代丢掉它更好。

I think it’s better torecycle waste paper instead of throwing it away.

48. 我以为咱们的城市短少水。

I think that our city is in need of water.

49. 我想要咱们都加入到环境项目中来。

I would like everyone to joinin the e妹寝取nvironment project.

50. 勿踩草坪对环境来说是有优点的。

It’s good for the environment to keep off the grass.

51. 咱们应该不断重视咱们的环境。

We should keep on taking care of our environment.


52. 我父亲每天都给我一点钱。

My father gives me a bit of money every day.

53. 容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑我妈妈昨日给我买了几本书。

My mother bought a few books for me yesterday.

54. 请你递容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑给我一点儿水好吗?

Could you please说爱徐菲 pass me a little water?

55. 他上星期借给我许多书。

He lent a number of books to me last week.

56. 他上一年送了我一双鞋。

She sent me a pair of shoes last year.

57. 今日上午咱们教师通知过咱们一则好消息。

Our teacher told usa piece of good news this morning.

58. 我奶奶反反复复给我讲过这个故事。

My grandma tells the story to me again and again.

59. 在海里有各式各样的鱼。

There are all kinds of fishes in the sea.

60. 天晴后,请你清扫一下你的宅院好吗?

Will you please clear up your yard after the sky is clearing up?

61. 教师一进来咱们就中止说话了.

We stopped talking as soon as the teacher came in.

62. 从速!,咱们去购物。

Come on! Let’s go shopping.

63. 为什么不堵截煤气呢?

Why not cut off the gas?

64. 在日常日子中,咱们不得不处理各种问题。

We have to deal with all kinds of problems in our daily life.

65. 你要么呆在家里要么去上学。

You either stay at home or go to school.

66. 假如你想出去,咱们去漫步吧!

Let’s gofor a walk if you feel like going out.

67. 咱们教师请咱们填表。

Our teacher asked us to fillin the form.

68. 他有时带给我一些书。

He brings me some容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑 books from time to time.

69. 我想要和同学们和睦共处。

I would like to get along well with my classmates.

70. 从速,不然咱们会上学迟到。

Hurry up, or we will be late for school.

71. 为了他能拍一些好相片,我借给他相机。

I lend him a camera inorder that he can take some good photos.

72. 咱们最好别在公共场合大声谈天。

We had better stop talking loudly in public.

73. 我方才听见她歌唱了。

I heard her sing just now.

74. 假如这场雨一向下着,会对咱们日子晦气。

If this rain keeps up, it will be bad for our life.

75. 她太小而不能照料她自己。

She is to容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑o young to look after herself.

76. 我不再介怀通知我坏消息。

I no longer mind telling me bad news.

77. 从那以后,我不再给他看我的相片了。 From then on, I didn’t show my pictures to him any more.


78. 我为咱们的校园骄傲。

I am proud of our school.

79. 咱们的教师总是对咱们很严厉。

Our teachers are always strict with us.

80. 每天乘公交车上学花费我一个小时。

It takes me an hour to go to school by bus every day.

81. 咱们的教师使咱们持续学习。

Our teachers make us carry on with study.

82. 展开这次测验要花费咱们一个小时。

It will take us an hour to carry out玄阳永夜 thistest.

83. 为什么不提出一些赶上应杰苗他人的好主张呢?

Why not come up with some good advice to come up with o黔台酒50年thers?写真女

84. 即便气候很差,咱们也有必要极力按时到校园。

We have to try our best to get to school on time even though the weather is terrible.

85. 咱们的教师常常通知咱们永久爱咱们的肯定逝世游戏txt祖国。

Our teacher often tells us to love our country for ever.

86. 从早到晚咱们都忙于学习。

We are busy studying from morning to evening.

87. 请你把这些试卷分发给学生好吗?

Could you please give out these papers to the students?

88. 在你交试卷前,你最好检查一下。

You had better g八妻子手机o over the paper before you hand in the p容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑aper.

89. 翻阅你们的作业花了我许多时刻。

It took me a lot of time to go through your homework.

90. 我惊奇地问他为什么厌烦学习。

I asked him in surprise why he hated studying.

91. 终究,他和我都及时到了校园。

In the end, both he and I arrived at school intime.

92. 咱们班由 40 个学生组成。

Our class is made up 先妻后妾of 40 students.

93. 每天走着上学花我 20 分钟。

It takes me twenty minutes to go to school on foot everyday.


94. 我喜爱课后打篮球。

I like playing b容积率是什么意思,东风破,单纯疱疹病毒-脑门blog,每日最新考虑asketball after class.

95. 他乐于周游全世界。

He enjoy straveling all over theworld.

96. 除了滑冰外,她还厌烦游水。

She hates swimming as well asskating.

97. 我哥哥也喜爱跑步。

My brother likes running aswell.

98. 我姐姐和我相同拿手歌唱。

Myteamskeet sister is as good atsinging asI.

99. 我既喜爱打网球又喜爱踢足球。

I enjoy playing both 夹被子tennis and football.

100. 你愿意在晚上仍是在白日作业?

Would you like to work by night or by day?

101. 我喜爱用水装满这个瓶子。

I like filling the bottle with water.


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